Tomorrow never comes

it’s been a million years
since the lid has fallen,
and the piled things are
now mountains,
like gigantic walls,
blocking the merry sun,
and there’s no breeze
from the green sea.
I lost the vision
of my lovely courtyard
of roses and chirping birds.

I always linger on bed
like a corpse, and let
the dust fade me.
my clothes are wrapped
by cobwebs, my school-
books are scattered
amid the torn pages
of poetry…..

and whenever the rain
lashes, I cry and cry,
tomorrow I’ll pray.
and whenever the wind
swirls, I cry and cry,
tomorrow I’ll be good..

but the tomorrow
never comes…

© Sanna Wren

Image is taken from Pinterest.

Exquisite Darkness

i am in love with this darkness and dim windows, dim by the faraway streetlight. the darkest corner of my room and this occasional silence. and the unclear rollercoasting sounds of neighbours, crying crickets and screeching vehicles.

i am in love with this darkness and dim windows. it’s so bewitching when it rains on a stark night. i simply admire the freedom of sky to drizzle and hurricane, and its power to surpass this world’s noise.

i am in love with this darkness and dim windows. the darkest corner of my room, and the way it hides my shade and shape, and whole my existence. oh, how i wish I could disappear into this exquisite darkness!

© Sanna Wren

You’re okay

like waves, pain rushes
from my heart to limbs,
and i shiver in the horrible
blizzard spiraling around.

i curl up on bed
to battle for breath,
and i kiss my knees
and snivel with
quavering whispers,

you are okay, girl.
you are okay.

© Sanna Wren

(Image is taken from Pinterest)