please don’t knock at this door.
this is a strange place.
you may turn white.

all the windows are
closed and blanket–veiled.

what is sun?
there’s no such morning here.

it’s always cold,
and there’s no fireplace.

and you won’t be able
to spot the jigsaw puzzle
of a human’s heart
laying battered here and there.
you may crush them.

this room is a graveyard
of dreams and love.
stay away, there’s no god
here to help you.
stay away, let the evils party.

© Sanna Wren

(the image is taken from Pinterest)

The men and god

there’s a line
between us.
i didn’t cross
the line, and
i can never
cross the line.

but he does,
only to beat me
and threaten me
with scalding words.

and here,
i am sitting
on the bathroom floor,
and cursing the god –
letting out my anger
at the only
irresponsive and safest
figureless man.

© Sanna Wren

( image is taken from Pinterest. Credit goes to the respective artist)

A Singing girl

i see a girl,
sitting on the balcony,
looking at the world,
stringing to the rhythm
of her song,
singing to celebrate her life,

and her hair,
freely waving in the wind,

and i fall in love
with her eyes,
for the sparks of freedom
in her eyes.

© Sanna Wren

(image is taken from Pinterest)