My Happy version

It’s a summer night,
and im looking at the stars.
thinking of another
universe out there.

there must be
a happy version of this girl,
shining like the moon,
dancing in the rain,
walking with chin up,
singing in the shower,
joking with friends.

partying with faraway
artists and poets.

love letters from readers,
and a doorstep of flowers
and window full of hopes.

and running,
running through the forest
with nobody to tell her
where to go and
when to come

and walking,
walking down the garden
with nobody to tell her
what to pluck
And what not to taste.

and sailing
happily sailing across
the ocean, with nobody
to tell her limits –

and sliding,
sliding down the rainbows
like a happy kid.

awe! i want to meet her
and kiss her,

© Sanna Wren

(Image credit – Summer Night painting by Arthur Barnes)

A/N – Once upon a time, someone saw me in his dream, happily running through the Amazon like forest… I think he saw the other version of me living in other universe. Thank you 💖

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