Earthquake amidst COVID-19

Strong earthquakes amidst the monstrous virus :

This picture shows helplessness of the most intelligent creature on planet earth. Earthquake has been reported in some countries amidst the monstrous virus. Greece and Croatia were affected, measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale. People are requested to stay at home to fight against COVID-19, but the strong earthquake made them run and rush to open areas. Earthquake tremors have been felt in many other places. The worst thing about earthquake is after shake, an after shake is expected to happen.

What’s happening?

What is happening around the world? It’s so frightening to know that there is no better place to escape. The karma has begun it’s game. Do your best to save the planet. Every individual has to take this responsibility. Pray and stay at home.

Let me know how are you gonna save the planet as an individual??

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