Dark here


Hi guys

It’s dark here. I’m reading. I am trying to read and read all the day and night. I don’t wanna get trapped in virtual world anymore.

Aren’t we all living a virtual life? I have looked into all my problems. Fake relationships, depression etc have squeezed me. Here, I’m all alone and depressed. So, I’ve decided to live a real life instead of virtual life.

Are you trapped in virtual life?

What about staying away from Instagram, facebook etc…

It’s dark here

Yeah! The climate is becoming worse. Cyclone is swirling around the near-by places. And we’ve terrifying warnings. Pray for us. The interesting thing about cyclone is, they have cool names. Cool! All names are beautiful and cool to my ears. So the name of this cyclone is Fani. Cyclone Fani! The state is expecting heavy rain and storm. It’s terrifying, and I’m trying to sleep and sleep to escape

Cyclone is expected

27- April -2019

It’s dark here. The cyclone is expected to hit the near-by places. Cyclone is coming and going and coming and going. It is no longer a guest who comes once in a year or years. My face darkens along with the sky. I wonder why? And I look into myself. I’m totally messed up. Hair, dishevelled. My shirt, so damn loose and the damn buttons keep a long distance between them to expose my body. Isn’t it shame to admit that I don’t use bra ? Because my boobs are tiny and not interesting. It didn’t matter to me, but now it matters like… I don’t know. Apart from the ugly look, I’m on my period, and lazy. I’m tired of being a woman and cleaning, even though I’m just 20 years old. 20 years old ?? I am, but I don’t look like. Yes! I’m a child. I’m cursed by a witch to be 20 years old.

One of my well-written poems is published in an anthology, and it has been the bestselling book on Amazon for few days. I’m supposed to be happy, aren’t I? All of a sudden, tears spill out, and an urge to scream out pops up. I don’t want anything. I don’t want anything. I just want to feel alive and fresh. My face is red, and I wipe it off with water, water, water.

I forgive you

You lied and lied to me,

but I forgive you, my love

How can I not forgive you

when I want you and need you.

You pushed and pushed me away,

but I forgive you, my love.

You pierced and pierced my heart,

but I forgive you, my love.

How can I not forgive you

when I want you and need you.

How can I not love you, my love?

I forgive you, and I’ll forgive you

How can I not forgive you

When I want you and need you.

No longer be

There’ll no longer be spaces
for frail magic or love
or bin to deposit my worries
or plate to serve me sympathy
or mirror to show me I’m okay.
I know who I am and what I want.
Life is the beautiful spring.
Take out the best for earth
before the inevitable autumn.

Sanna Wren